How to Compose Production Music

How to Become a Production Music Composer

The first question to ask yourself is “Why become a production music composer?”. Surely you will get more success, recognition and maybe even money if you write commissioned music for TV or compose film scores. Maybe, but it’s a very big maybe.

There’s more to it than that. One of the best parts, you’d think, about being a composer is that you get to do something you enjoy doing: writing music. Whether you are working in sound design, electronic music or in studios with great jazz artists, session musicians and orchestras, you are immersed in what you spent your young years dreaming of. The reality for most composers is very different. Stupid budgets, imposssible deadlines, annoying briefs (not your underwear, the style of music you are asked to write…) and worst of all, very rude and unhelpful clients.

Add to that the fact that being restricted by writing to picture can really stifle any creativity you have left after wrangling with the producer over a budget, you probably begin to get the picture.

Now compare that with composing and producing a piece of music that is based on a very free brief, or even no brief at all, ie just having fun writing something that you feel inspired to write. Add to that a publisher dedicated to getting it placed in a TV programme, commercial, film or game for which you get paid, perhaps the picture is becoming clearer.

For more info see my article in Sound on Sound

More to come….watch this space

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