Licensing Information

How to get a licence and use our music

There is a different process depending on the publisher of the track. For publisher details see the expanded information for the track (click on the track’s More Info… button)

Atmosphere & Bruton Music tracks:

Licensing and downloading is a two-step process:

  1. Apply for a licence via PRS/MCPS. Make a note of  relevant title and composer details (listed with each track)
  2. You can download different versions (full, 30″, 20″, 10″, alternatives, stings & underscore) directly via Universal (UNIPPM). The best method is to use the link from each track’s album page.

Or use our contact form


If you use these tracks in any production, publication, website either for commercial or non-commercial use will you obtain a licence?

Please provide information regarding useage: type of use, production title, duration, budget, production company and any other relevant info

If you want to open an account please provide these details:

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